Our Philosophy

We believe that music lessons should inspire every student to love music. Traditional music lessons force all students to follow a "one size fits all" learning program where they have no control over what they are learning. This leads to students becoming uninterested and eventually quitting lessons, preventing them from enjoying the amazing benefits of having music in their lives. 

Spark Music's approach is centered around individually. We start off by assessing the students learning style, goals and musical preferences. We then put together a custom learning program that blends technique, theory, improvisation and creativity into a fun musical experience that inspires the student to love music and achieve their goals. 

Our Teachers

Our amazing team of teachers are the best of the best at what they do. We meticulously hand select our teachers based on their experience, qualifications, musical abilities and most importantly their enthusiasm for teaching music.

Each student is matched with a teacher that we feel would be a great fit for them and we check in with students, parents and teachers regularly to make sure that students are excelling with their teacher.

Getting Started


1. Teacher Matching

We start by matching the student with a teacher that is perfect for them. We take into consideration the students age, musical interests, experience and learning style when matching teachers with students.


2. Trial Lesson

Your first lesson is a free trial lesson where you can meet your teacher and make sure that the fit is right. During this lesson, your teacher assess the students personal goals, musical interests and learning style.

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3. Goal Setting 

Teachers will collaborate with the student (and their parents) to set goals and put together a program that will move the student towards those goals quickly while having fun. We will also get you set up with our lesson management app and answer any questions you may have about the program. 

Moving Forward

Once you are happy with your teacher and the students goals have been set, your teacher will collaborate with the Spark Music management team to put together a custom learning program. Every students program will be totally different and designed around their interests, goals and learning style. We also include lots of special events and tools to enhance the program. We are always experimenting with innovative ways to make learning music more awesome! Some of these include:



Music Video SHoots

The most fun aspect of our program is our music video shoots. Here, students get the opportunity to play in a professional studio with professional musicians and make an HD video of their performance. Most students express that this is their favourite part of taking lessons with Spark.


Song Selection

Spark Music teachers select songs based on the student’s musical interests. We believe that students learn best when they are playing the music that they love. Every student gets to learn their favorite song!

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We use Trello as our learning management portal. Here students will have access to their weekly practice logs, goals, lists of songs, listening logs and much more! Trello can be used on any device in your browser or through the free mobile app. It's pretty awesome!


Jam Lessons

One of the most fun aspects of our program is Jam Lessons. Jam Lessons are when a student meets up with another student or group of students in their area who are similar in age and experience to 'jam' for a lesson. This is a great way for students to apply what they have learned, get experience playing with others and meet new friends.

Want to try for yourself?

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